Green Building

Broyhill Wiles Log and Timber Frame Builders specializes in green building, following principles that focus upon resource efficiency, energy efficiency, water efficiency, and indoor environmental quality. In the first stages of building, designs and floor plans are optimized. When available, recycled and salvaged materials are used, and renewable resources are selected. A "whole systems" approach to implement energy efficiency in a house is employed. The benefits of using renewable energy are compounded by ensuring quality air and duct sealing and selecting high performance windows, HVAC systems and water heating equipment. Drought resistant landscaping, efficient indoor and outdoor water delivery systems, and effective filtration optimizing healthy indoor air are additional issues we address during the green building process.

We should always be aware of our impact on the environment and strive to reduce the negative effects in as many ways as possible. In addition to believing in the philosophy of green building, there are practical benefits to green home owners. Reducing the cost of long term energy demands, lower water bills, consistent temperatures inside, better humidity control, less maintenance and enhanced durability are among these benefits. Building green is building better. Please call us to schedule a visit of current green building projects or to meet our president, Kent Wiles. 919.306.9959

**We actively work with local energy auditors and other specialists to outline specific improvement strategies based on the homeowners needs. Technologies and strategies that we currently utilize include, but are not limited to: high efficiency HVAC systems (to maximize heating and cooling and minimize energy use); solar hot water and tankless on-demand water systems; rainwater /gray water catchment and re-use; PV solar panels; advanced framing techniques; salvaging, recycling and reclaiming materials from the existing structure; buying local to reduce distances materials must travel. As well, Trinity considers the tax implications, rebate offers and soft benefits associated with environmentally friendly construction. In North Carolina it is possible to get income, corporate and property tax incentives for green construction. In addition, when selecting to use products and technologies that are currently more expensive than the traditional alternatives, the benefits come through in a better, more efficient use of energy in the home and the likely production of renewable energy.

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