Several home additions are profiled below. Please scroll for details


This home is located twenty five minutes from downtown Blacksburg, Virginia and the Virginia Tech Campus. The size of the home addition is 1144 square feet and will be attached to the existing home by a large enclosed breezeway and utility room. The existing homes siding will be removed and replaced with Liberty Log Siding to match the log home addition. The final size of the home will be more than 2000 square feet with four bedrooms and two full baths with a three car garage and workshop. It will be created from round-on-round 6x8 white pine logs and timber framing.

Liberty Log Delivery and Foundation Excavation and Footers.

Existing House and new foundation with subfloor ready for first course of logs.

Multiple courses of logs with framed openings for windows and doors.

Home & attached garage.

The new entry porch, log siding, shingles and new-to-old connection have been installed on the existing house.

The garage and log siding have been built and the drywall has been started. Move-in date is approaching.


This log home addition is located in Pittsboro and incorporates two new bedrooms and re-working an existing bedroom into a new laundry room.  The project used 12 inch tall rectangle logs with a V-groove on the outside and smooth cut on the inside.

The addition will be built on the side of the home where the garden was located.  All work was performed by Broyhill Wiles Log and Timber Frame Builders.

The footers were dug and the reinforced concrete was poured.

The addition has been finalized. One coat of stain and another in a month or two and the add-on bedrooms will look just like the original house.


This log home addition is a located in Hillsborough and incorporates a wrap around porch addition as well as a two story addition to the back of the house. The two story addition will include a screened in porch with doors accessing the back yard and the pond. A new door will be cut into the logs that accesses the existing kitchen. The 2nd story addition will be used as a studio and will be sided with 12 inch tall log siding with a chinking groove. All log siding materials was purchased through Heritage Log Homes and all building will be performed by Broyhill Wiles Log and Timber Frame Builders.

The exisiting back deck of the house will be removed. The detailed pictures show the existing chinking grooves with white chink material.

The wrap around porch and two story addition have been framed and roofed with green metal roofing.  The rough sawn wrap around porch material was delivered by Heritage Log & Timber Frame Homes.

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