The Chalet Home

The site development was performed by Broyhill Wiles Developing and the home construction was completed by Broyhill Wiles Log and Timber Frame Builders.

The home is located on Jones Ferry Road five miles west of downtown Carrborro/Chapel Hill. It will be double certified by the local Green Building Council and by Energy Star. The size of the home will be 3500 square feet with four bedrooms and three and a half baths. It will be created from white pine logs and timber framing.

Initial Site Development to install temporary tree protection area.

The excavators are busy clearing the lot and hauling the timber to the local mill for use in anything from flooring to paper pulp to mulch. Excavation is finalized.

Septic Tank and Septic Field are being installed.

The foundation crew has dug and poured the footers...

Temporary Electrical has been installed...

Foundation Masonry Walls have been built...

Waterproofing the foundation wall... Tar Paint, 6mil Plastic, Blue Board Insulation, and Plastic Dimple Board Wall Drain...

Insulation and vapor barrier installed below slab... R-4 Blue Board, 6mil poly. This allows proper slab insulation for better comfort in the basement.

The concrete slab has been poured and the framing materials delivered...

Framing has started and the two steel beams were lowered into place.

Basement framing and backfill is complete. The site is ready for the Heritage Log Home Delivery.

The first truck arrived right on schedule. Unloading of all the materials with a 6000 lb Lull took four hours.

These are some very nice looking logs and timber frame materials!

The first course of logs have been installed and Labor Day weekend is upon us!

All courses except the headers above the windows and doors are set into place.

The final log courses are installed. The braces help hold the log walls plum and level.

The second floor T & G and Advantec subfloor was installed.

The second floor walls and heavy timber roof system was started.

The heavy timber roof system was installed and insulated.

The retaining walls were installed and backfilled.

The wrap around porch and deck system.

Log Siding, Cedar Shake and Shingles were installed.

The logs were sanded with a grinder and the heavy timber stair set was hand made by our master carpenter Edward Smith. Spray foam insulation was installed in the chimney chase.

The stone veneer and the electrical have been started.

The triangle windows, rainwater collection tank and low VOC exterior stain have been installed.

The spray foam insulation was installed and the Green Home Tour was a success.

The drywall, trim, hardwood flooring and tile is being installed.

The kitchen cabinets and hardwood flooring is made from American Cherry, which is registered as a renewable resource. The tile in the master bathroom was installed using Aztec Gold Marble on the floor and travertine tiles in the dual head shower.

The house is getting close! All the trim is installed and the final painting has begun. Below, Edward performs the final touch up on the logs by cutting the Alpine Corners.

Move in Day!!


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