Welcome to Broyhill Wiles Custom Timber Homes. We are one of America’s premier builders of log and timber frame structures since 1999. We devote our passion, craftsmanship and expertise to structures that are unique and amazing.

Our high-quality, high-performance homes are built using green techniques. We create reasonable time-frames and reasonable budgets. From land to keys, Broyhill Wiles Design Build will be with you every step of the way.

Although we build everyday, we are always astonished by the age old construction techniques and cutting edge building technology we employ in every structure we create. With our team of architects at hand, we design and build unique homes that are engineered to last for generations.

The designs, quality and craftsmanship at Broyhill Wiles Custom Timber Homes create extraordinary living environments. Whether we build a Hand Crafted Log Home or an Oak Pegged Timber Frame, our creations endure the seasons in comfort and ease, evoking mountain lodges and dramatic spaces.

Choosing a builder is a trustworthy situation. A sense of respect and dedication will be needed on both the future homeowner and the builder. We have been building since 1999 and have earned the trust from our respected clients. Our reputation in the log and timber frame building industry is steadfast, and our dedication is apparent not just in this website but in our presence online and on paper.

As the president of the company, I am grateful to my past clients and welcoming of my future clients. We pride ourselves on personal service, staying on budget and high-performance quality.

Best Regards,
Kent B. Wiles